Machine Supply - Live!

We're running a popup bookshop in a vending machine. For the month of August 2016, we're delighted to be hosted by Machines Room at their East London makerspace. You're welcome to visit!

There's a selection of books chosen by Machines Room locals. 100% curated -- each book is displayed with a card saying who recommended it and why. And the machine tweets when it vends. OF COURSE IT DOES. Follow @MachineSupply on Twitter to hear about sales, and for the latest picks.

Come visit! And bring your wallet: Cash and notes accepted. You'll find us in the coffee+hangout area of Machines Room (in the front door and around to the left): 45 Vyner Street (Ground Floor), London, E2 9DQ. If the door is shut, hit the doorbell -- it's open to all.

The machine will supply YOUR recommendations

Want to see your picks in the bookshop? What 3 books should Carmelite House regulars read this year... to expand their minds, provide some entertaining downtime, or for the commute home?

We'd love to share your book recommendations. Complete this Typeform to share.