The Lost My Name popup has now ended! Check the homepage for news about the latest location. The popup ran 10 June - 20 July 2016.

Machine Supply - Live!

We're running a popup bookshop in a vending machine. For the month of June 2016, we're delighted to be hosted by Lost My Name, creators of amazing personalised kids books, at their HQ in Hackney, London.

There's a new 12 book selection every Friday. 100% curated -- each book is displayed with a card saying who recommended it and why. And the machine tweets when it vends. OF COURSE IT DOES. Follow @MachineSupply on Twitter to hear about sales, and for the latest picks.

This popup is for staff and guests only -- no public visits this time.

However! There are events! Sign up for one, and pay a visit to Machine Supply when you come. Cash and notes accepted.

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The machine will supply YOUR recommendations

Want to see your picks in the bookshop? What 3 books should your teammates read this year... to expand their minds, provide some entertaining downtime, or for the commute home?

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