Machine Supply

I'm making Machine Supply so I can easily share book recommendations.

e.g. you can see a book recommendation on this website here.

Isn't there a... vending machine or something?

Yes! Here are three other ways to play with Machine Supply:

  1. In August 2016, there's a vending machine that sells recommended books. Hosted by Machines Room in East London. Find out more.
  2. Subscribe to the 3 BOOKS WEEKLY newsletter, for recommendations every Friday from friends of Machine Supply! Subscribe here (where you can also find the archive to check out previous editions).
  3. Recommend some books :) Want to see your books stocked in the machine, or in the newsletter? Complete this Typeform to share.

Now what?

  1. See all my recommendations --> Recommendations from @genmon
  2. Sign in to make your own recommendations -->


-- Matt (@genmon), London, July 2016. Where to find me.



(Current status: Pre-pre-alpha, hobby. Links will break. Cities will fall.)